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Gift Cards.

Illustrative Works

Collection of a number of illustrations created for various projects. 


Hand drawn illustration - started with coloured shapes followed by tracing with black patterns. These two designs were scanned and then manipulated on the computer to create mandalas for a range of stationery. 

Stages of drawing process. 

Meditation Cards.

Logo, Business Card, Tandem Bicycle, Career Consultant

Out of the Head ... 

Hand drawn illustration and typography combined with digital type and clip-art for an illustrated quote poster. 

Stages of drawing process. 

Quote poster.

99 Bags and a Cat

Hand sketches of various types of bags. Each drawing is approximately 30mm high. The sketches were scanned and digitally manipulated to create a new design to be used in a range of gift cards. 

Felt tip pen ink sketches.

Gift cards.

Feather Illustration
Out of the Head
99 Bags
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