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Newcastle Series I

The six illustrations in series one capture several iconic Newcastle scenes including Nobbys Lighthouse, Newcastle Ocean Baths, and Redhead Beach. Ronelles' creativity and technical skills combined to create each of these artworks, where each stroke, and every curve is a deliberate choice, culminating in a piece that celebrates the uniqueness of Newcastle and surrounds. This series is available as: A6 Greeting Cards. A4 Prints unframed. A4 Prints framed (Frame size A3).

Newcastle Series 2

The second series of illustrations by Ronelle showcase Newcastle and its surrounding areas from fresh perspectives, while also introducing new iconic locations like Catherine Hill Bay and the Brokenback Range in the Hunter Valley. Ronelle's creative and technical abilities are evident in these artworks, as each shape is carefully crafted to encapsulate the essence of the subject matter. These illustrations offer viewers a new way to appreciate the beauty and character of Newcastle and its surrounding landscapes.

Newcastle Mini Series

Our mini-series encapsulates the soul of this vibrant city, we invite you to rediscover familiar landmarks and embrace the unique charm that defines Newcastle's coastal allure. Join us on this artistic journey as we celebrate the beauty that surrounds us, one iconic illustration at a time. The mini series is available as: 9cm Square Mini Gift Cards. 6" Print Framed. 8" Print Framed.